My name is Robert van Sluis, I am a designer and photographer with degrees in both the arts and the sciences (a BDes in Graphic Design and a PhD in Medical Imaging Physics).

I work with my clients to visualize their research and other content, making complex scientific, technical or multicultural subjects easy to grasp and visually appealing.

I am driven by a sense of discovery and the belief that visual communication is achieved when the viewer completes what the designer started. I like to take on complicated projects that require conceptual or systematic thinking in order to translate them into visual form, such as:

• infographics, flowcharts and diagrams
• scientific and technical illustrations
• scientific books, book covers and grant applications
• information and navigation design
• logos, identities and posters
• design and presentation consultancy

In addition, I regularly lecture about topics related to design, photography and visual communication.

About Optic Nerve Selected clients: Bayer Pharma * doRadiology * Elsevier Publishers * Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven * FORUM * F&M marketing/communication * Hanzehogescholen Groningen * ICOON Amersfoort * Janssen Pharmaceuticals * Jumpcuts Film & Video * Leiden Institute of Chemistry * Leiden University * Leiden University Medical Center * Luris * Maastricht University * Meridiaan College Amersfoort * Netherlands Cancer Institute * Palmyra Productions * RASA Music & Dance * Scholen in de Kunst Amersfoort * Society Impact * Tilburg University * University of Groningen * Utrecht University * University Medical Center Utrecht * University Museum Utrecht * Veltman Publishers * Vluchtelingenwerk Amstel tot Zaan * Various research consortia * Various independent professionals

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